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MoonPaw Launches AI Generated NFTs on Immutable

MoonPaw has launched its very first AI Generated NFTs, the “MoonPaw AI Genesis Collection”.
Since 2021, we’ve seen millions of dollars raised via NFTs including projects like WWF’s Non-Fungible Animals and Beeple’s $6M donation to Open Earth Foundation. As a result, charities and non-profits have started realising the value of NFT fundraising but the barrier to entry is too high due to high art creation, marketing and launch costs  – enter ChatGPT, Midjourney and the AI Renaissance. 

At MoonPaw we’re taking this problem head on, by leveraging AI-as-service to effectively eradicate the barrier to entry for NFT fundraising. Charities will be able to launch their own AI generated NFT collections in a fraction of the time with *zero* out-of-pocket costs. To showcase what we can achieve with MoonPaw AI, we’re launching our very own mini collection called “MoonPaw AI Genesis Collection”. 

We’re incredibly proud to be offering our next-gen AI and blockchain services for our Charity Partners on our platforming partner Immutable – Australia’s largest and most prominent blockchain organisation that offers a best in class NFT platform.

You can find a “how to buy” guide here!