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MoonPaw partners with Immutable X
MoonPaw is incredibly proud to be partnering with Immutable X, one of Australia’s largest blockchain & NFT organisations having partnered with the likes of GameStop, Illuvium, VeVe and Book Games by Gary Vaynerchuk. Immutable specialises in “Layer 2” technology that allows users to create and trade NFTs on Ethereum but with faster transactions and zero gas fees but perhaps most importantly, it’s 100% Carbon Neutral.
What does this partnership mean?
NFTs on Ethereum in particular carry a lot of stigma due to being harmful to the environment. Given the way Immutable X has built their carbon neutral solution, we are able to move forward with an environmentally friendly blockchain space. This ultimately means MoonPaw can continue offering crypto and NFT consultancy services to our Charity Partners and social impact clients in a network that is scalable and aligns with our sustainability values.
What projects will MoonPaw build on Immutable?

MoonPaw is currently working on two NFT projects that are aiming to leverage NFTs and Play2Earn gaming mechanics to support their social impact causes (particularly in regenerative farming and wildlife conservation). We will be releasing more information on these projects in the coming weeks!

We want to say a huge thank you to the Immutable team for supporting our work and our collective mission for a greener blockchain space!