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Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful organisation that rescues, rehabilitates and fosters neglected animals. We visited the owners Mark and Chris and were humbled by their dedication to ensure the animals surrendered to them are treated with care.

Possum Valley understands the value of cryptocurrency, especially charity-focused ones like MoonPaw, which makes partnering with them even more exciting! Our goal is to work with Possum Valley to educate the community on the value of ethical investments and cryptocurrency as well as generating funding for animal welfare efforts. MoonPaw will also support Possum Valley’s cryptocurrency transition and promote them as a preferred charity in our events, content and brand materials. 

To help kick-start Possum Valley’s cryptocurrency donations, we also contributed $4000 (AUD) worth of Ethereum to help them take care of their 200+ animals. This was made possible by a 2% charity tax on transactions that occur with the MoonPaw token.

We want to say a huge thank you to Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary for everything they do – we’re proud to be working along side them.