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Project Meow Geelong (PMG) is an organisation that aims to provide essential care for cats which include microchipping, vaccinations, flea & worming and desexing to help reduce the intake numbers at shelters and rescue groups. This is key to ensuring unnecessary feline lives are not lost because there simply isn’t enough funding or a home for them.
MoonPaw donated $4,000 AUD (made possible by a 2% charity tax on MoonPaw token transactions) to PMG which should help fund the services they provide.
We’re humbled by their enthusiasm and love for cats and look forward in taking on animal welfare together! What does the partnership mean? Our goal is to raise funds for PMG by leveraging our brand and cryptocurrency platform. This means that proceeds generated from our products and services that is promoted by PMG will also be donated back to PMG. This is additional to the 2% token charity pool split across our partners.
Additionally, a project video that includes PMG and the MoonPaw team is also under way that we will be promoting at the Crypto World Summit event! We want to say a huge thank you to PMG for everything they do – we’re proud to be working along side them to fight for animal welfare. PMG accepts Ethereum donations so feel free to donate to them using the address below!